Dry & Wet Rot Treatment

Brown Rots (Dry Rots) And White Rote (Wet Rots)…

The first thing our surveyor will determine on his survey will be to distinguish whether it is a brown rot or a white rot, both rots can affect buildings of all ages and if decay is present it should be identified and a suitable remedial treatment plan put in action without delay.

Brown Rots…

The mycelium develops extensively mainly on the surface of infected timbers and masonry, most brown rots will need very humid condition to produce a mass of cotton wool like growth, and often water droplets are produced on the surface, the fruiting body mainly is like a mushroom and rust red spore dust is usually present, there are many types brown rots and our fully trained surveyors will determine the correct treatment for the rot identified.

Most Common Brown Rots And Observations…

  • Rot, serpula Lacrymans (Cuboidal cracking to timbers, lilac and yellow colour, brown spores)
  • Cellar Fungus, Coniophora Puteana (Cuboidal cracking to timbers, mainly in damp masonry)
  • Mine Fungus, Antrodia ( Firoporia)vaillantii ( Cuboidal cracking to timbers , pure white strands)

White Rots…

Most times if wet rot is identified the treatments are different to dry rot, the main course of white rot decay to timbers is mainly water saturation related e.g. leaking gutters, water ingress, leaking plumbing or porous brickwork our fully trained surveyors will advice the most common remedies for white rot decay.

Most Common White Rots…

  • Donkioporia expansa, (Mainly in Hardwoods, woody fruiting body, associated with Deathwatch beetle)
  • Phellinus contiguus (Affects Hardwoods and softwoods with a stringy fibrously appearance)
  • Asterostroma spp (Mainly in Softwoods, courses a stringy fibrously appears over damp timbers)
  • Pleurotus ostreatus (Very rarely found , mainly attacks panel products of Hardwood)
    Positive Preservation can offer a full range of diagnostics, preservation treatments and resin splice repairs to eradicate your wet or dry rot problems.


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