Anti Damp Treatment

Damp proofing is a protective process to ensure moisture cannot pass through the walls of a building to the interior. Damp proofing places a barrier in walls that prevents rising damp problems prevalent in modern homes and commercial properties alike.

The problem of damp can arise for various reasons – the failure of an existing damp proof course, bridging due to the raising of external ground or internal floor levels, or in older buildings, the complete absence of a damp proof course. Brick, stone and mortar are porous allowing damp from the ground to rise by capillary action, carrying with it ground salts including chlorides and nitrates. Salts left by damp can absorb moisture from the atmosphere leading to wall dampness in conditions of high relative humidity. Also the cyclical nature of crystallisation and rewetting can ruin decorations and break down internal plaster.

Treatment can be carried out to individual walls or full properties. In recent years chemical damp proofing has gone through something of a revolution with a movement away from solvent-based injection fluids installed using high-pressure pumps to water-based creams installed using low-pressure cartridge guns.

Typical advantages of Positive Preservation damp proofing include:

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to install
  • Concentrated formulation
  • Low hazard, non-caustic and solvent free
  • Spillage elimination


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